Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Black Girls Killing It

I found this marketplace through my new tumblr and I was instantly excited. The point of Black Girls Killing It is to compile online boutiques that are run by Black women. In this way, it increases traffic to these sites and gives people a one-stop shop to finding interesting products that cater to a fashion forward generation of women of color. 

Here's why I'm personally excited. The great thing about online boutiques like this is that they tend to feature models of color or even just real people (friends, family) as models. They tend to be local, mom-and-pop, corner-hustle type operations, something I whole-heartedly support. And thirdly, they usually employ local (of color and otherwise) web and graphic designers. All these things combined mean that when we support these small, web boutiques we are helping to build up people of color who employ other people of color. And visually, it expands the idea of beauty and the visibility of models of color. I've already posted the site to my Facebook to encourage the people I know to join and expand Black Girls Killing It. Right now their marketplace is limited but filled with great deals such as vintage handbags starting at $30 and customizable shorts for $20. 

I would love to see something like this go viral or have a similar marketplace pop-up. 

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  1. Hey Shanna, thanks for the post about my blog and marketplace, the support is appreciated.