Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vintage Swag

Usually when you think of teenage style, you think of homogenized Hot Topic-esque, emo crap. And for the most part you're right. Most kids today think that they're being super individual while being a complete clone of the teen next to them. But then there are those who truly dare to be different (without resorting to shortened hemlines). So I submit for your consideration, vintage swag.

I love everything about this outfit because it screams Pretty in Pink with an urban flair. The carefully tied and knotted hair bow is a nod to the illustrious Andy Walsh. While the jean baby doll dress hearkens to the 90's.

The tweed coat and gold necklace give the entire outfit that vintage appeal. And the tights and flats pull it all together in a way that only a gangly teen can. In essence, don't you wish you were this cool when you were 14?

1 comment:

  1. yay! Thanks for the love! I do wish I was bold enough to have rocked the *ish out my personal style back in the day...I guess those Cross Colors, Leotards and Kswiss will have to do!