Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Le Train Bleu & Honey Kennedy

Honey Kennedy is the blog I would have if I actually updated this blog all the time. Le Train Bleu is the site that I most often peruse when I dare to open up the piggy bank and splurge on myself. So it's auspicious that they are working together to giveaway a $100 gift certificate. Seeing as how we're (always) working with a budget, here are my suggestions:

 The Segovia Tunic in navy has the appeal of being fitted at the waist while also blousey at the top and shoulders, which is great for a fuller figure. And the navy color is flattering and forgiving. The gold belted detail adds some luxe-ness.

The Sphere Pencil Skirt only $54 and it is one of those pieces I would refer to as "modern granny". It has a nice bright pop of color that you can dress down easily like here where it's paired with the Heathered Sweater Blouse ($62). And there's also a hint of allure with the pencil shape.

And finally cause I hate having one of those under $100 articles and never having AN ENTIRE OUTFIT that's under $100 Here's my picks for a full on outfit:
1. The Academy Slouchy Short ($44.80)

2. Crochet Lace Tank ($35.60)

3. The Bond necklace ($15.20)

Your grand total: $95.60

Don't forget to check out the Le Train Bleu giveaway at Honey Kennedy for your chance to win! 

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