Thursday, October 13, 2011

Retail Therapy

Sometimes when I'm strapped for cash I feel this fatalistic need to purchase clothes. I call it The Becky Bloomwood Syndrome. The great thing about those Shopaholic books is that you can scoff and say "That'll never be me". The bad thing is it always seems to work out for Becky and it's hard to remind yourself that not everyone has a Luke Brandon to save them.

On top of that I subscribe to A LOT of online discount shopping sites. I use Rue La La, ideeli, Daily Candy, Revolve Clothing ... and now most recently StyleMint. StyleMint is in the vein of ShoeDazzle in that it is a clothing subscription where items are curated by your personal style and then you have the option to buy or not buy an exclusive item that month. If you don't tell them that you won't be purchasing something that month, you are billed  and you can earn credits towards future purchases. The concept is simple and alluring. You can buy or not buy. The items are exclusive. For a low cost you can by something new each month. It's pretty tempting. And given my current personal drama, the thought of flitting my cares away with a quick purchase is enticing. It's appealing because the risk seems low at the time (this is the justification phase of The Becky Bloomwood Syndrome). But later, after you've placed the order, the doubt begins to creep in. I could've have bought groceries with that money! I was supposed to take my friend out for her birthday! My mom asked me to buy a ticket to her charity event! And now you can't afford it.

So what do I do? Indulge in some retail therapy*? Toss my cares aside and deal with the guilt (and eat a shit-ton of ramen). The jury's still out.

*I wonder how much regular therapy costs. 

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