Thursday, October 6, 2011

You Know You Love Me ... xoxo

The Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2012 show debuted in Paris this week (thank god for the internet because unfortunately my invitation got lost in the mail. What's up with that Marc?). While the overall show was impressive featuring a carousel, frothy white garments and tiaras, the show seemed very season one of Gossip Girl to me.

The show featured Kate Moss who apparently wouldn't deign to get out of bed for any other designer than Jacobs, who concocted this confection which combined laser cut details and strong tailoring with soft fabrics like lace. For a spring/summer showing, it evoked ideas of a Winter Wonderland and models looked like fragile Clara-esque characters awakening to their Nutcracker princes.

Adding to the look were the minimalist tiaras which adorned the model's heads. And Jacobs also took the signature Louis Vuitton bags and re-imagined them. The transparent white bags still bear the Louis Vuitton signature logo and fit in with the delicate, ethereal nature of the collection.

Obviously, the Vuitton helmed by Jacobs is trying to appeal to a younger crowd and I enjoyed the looks but puffed, bell skirts and spun-sugar tiaras seemed very Blair Waldorf to me. I'm sure they'll fly off the shelves and we'll see them traipsing down the streets of 5th Avenue but other than the intricate detailing of the dresses, it screamed debutante ball. I guess I'll see everyone at the Kiss on the Lips party.

xoxo - coocoochanel

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